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A Word From The Man Behind

Today's learners are very inquisitive, innovative in their thinking, creative in their approach and responsive to the demands of the "Change". True school education has undergone and is still undergoing transformation, making the winds of "change" apparently visible. In any sound educational system and practice it is the learner around whom and for whom a healthy structure and process is created. Alma maters, parents, faculty and Educational bodies constantly endeavour to offer a right climate to the learner to express, explore, analyze, apply and evaluate to be globally competitive and yet humane.


Vision & Mission

Paramita trusts that human endeavour surpasses all limitations should the instrument called "Education" is rightly, meaningfully and timely extended to the youth of this nation.

The main motto and mission of Paramita is to strive to create knowledge society with the youth trained, equipped and fortified with 21st century skills. To gradually connect it to Global benchmarks by promoting Excellence through creative applications and at the same time conforming to the eternal values of Exploring Together with honest & ethical practices, human dignity and advancement.