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Paramita IIT and Medical League

Paramita has been the innovator & pioneer of quite a few educational practices that are being followed by other schools till date. One of those efforts is the "IIT and Medical League" started in 2006 to provide foundation for the children wanting to get into prestigious institutions like the IIT's, NIT's, IIM's and so on.

Established : 2nd June,2006
Founder : Dr.E.Prasad Rao
Promoter : Aravinda Educational Society
Location : Mankammathota, Karimnagar-505001
Classes available : VI  to X std
Curriculum : Integrated syllabus of A.P State Board, CBSE and ICSE.
Present Strength : 270
Class Strength : Maxed out at 30

Teaching-learning process
To promote high standards for student achievement, we indulge the students in activities like group discussions, debates, preparation of presentations on a given topic, provide worksheets that are highly analytical and thought-provoking and also conduct brain-storming sessions. These activities will help the children to have better conceptual clarity, improve their analytical skills and also rational thinking abilities.

For the slow learners we conduct special classes, individual attention is provided and concepts are reinforced based on the situation. Still there is scope for improvement and we are trying by all means to figure out the best ways of assisting the slow learners.

Faculty and Teacher Training
The faculty that IIT and Medical League has today is one of the best you can find in the district of Karimnagar. Only those with adequate skills, high knowledge content and with receptive nature to adapt to changing learning processes are selected from different parts of the country. Teachers are proactively encouraged to update their skills and knowledge. The school organizes various training programmes, workshops & seminars to keep them on par with the best-industry standards.

Olympiads and others
Every child is imbibed with great talent and skills. Students are motivated and encouraged to participate in Olympiads, science, math fairs and also workshops. The students are advised to take their exams with utmost integrity. Our achievements in the recent Olympiads conducted state-wide, in the district science fair and national science congress events stands a testimony.

Moral Education & Value Systems
The primary motto of our organization is to provide the best quality education with emphasis on holistic development of the children. The collaborated effort of the school, teachers and also parents is to nurture honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, kindness and patriotism which are very much essential for the development of the child. This basic objective is hooked into all our processes and methodologies.

Co-curricular activities
To facilitate overall development of the children we insist and encourage the students to participate in various house-events conducted at the school like elocution, quiz, debates, poetry, singing, dancing, rangoli, mehendi competitions etc... This exposes their thoughts and will help them overcome stage phobia. Students with special skills are identified and are exposed to leadership programmes.

Sports and Games
Children are provided with wide range of opportunities to take part in sports & games. Physical activity not only builds strength and power but also promotes learning. It improves concentration levels, memory and also maintains balance of mind.

The national education spectrum has taken a complete shift towards ICT (Integrated Computer Technology). To provide the best quality education to our children we have provided ICT based classrooms, well-equipped computer and English laboratories, world-class imported furniture and A/C facility. The use of technology makes the entire process of learning not only interesting but also more impactful. The state-of-the art infrastructure and truly unique processes with stress free learning environment makes Paramita IIT and Medical League a jewel in the education map of AP.

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