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It is surprising to see how often schools misinterpret the statement 'student at the centre of learning' and further stress out children with academic workloads. We at Paramita believe that 'student at the centre of learning should imply that the child's centre of learning should have an environment that would make learning explorative and thought provoking.

This was possible about four years ago when XSEED curriculum was taken up. It totally focuses on the 'experiential learning system', where children have hands-on approach like never before, which makes them enjoy their time in school, of course, with assured learning.


Part of our belief system says that a mind that constantly challenges and questions the natural learning process would be the one that would stand out in any walk of life and more importantly have a steady and balanced state of happiness. History has shown us that the great men and women that walked the earth always challenged the natural order of things. We, at Paramita, work stiflingly hard to try and inculcate the traits of questioning and challenging among children as the mind is most compatible at a younger age.

The inside out learning practice that Paramita follows is, one of the desired side effects of the congenial learning environment provided to the students. Inside meaning, the child's acumen obtained from his/her immediate environment, the school at the house, which is pretty much part of their daily lives. Out meaning, everything that lies outside including the society that we live in. Students are encouraged on a regular basis to apply what they have learnt at school in the outside world by ways of workshops, science and math fairs, competition initiatives, knowledge tours and sports meets to get a sense of the competition that is out there. One of the greatest things they take away from these programmes is the importance of failure, for only when we fail and know how to take it, will we be able to rise up and take a better shot at success. At Paramita we deeply understand the essence of success.


We, as a team strongly believe that the foundations of education should always start with the moral and ethical facets of learning, because then, there would be a meaningful direction for knowledge to be put into practice. As people we know far too well that life presents situations every now and then that question our morals and ethos. We either succumb to them or fight it based on how deeply we were exposed to these qualities as children. We at Paramita believe that this holistic level of education is the most important part of a child's life at school. A huge emphasis is also laid on the cultural heritage of our nation to instill a sense of belongingness in true conscience and last but not the least the idea of being a global citizen is also emphasized. After all this the only home we have got.


Paramita as a team has a deep sense of understanding about what makes real learning possible. Facilitating learning is a very deep process, one that involves understanding the child's mind and creating and sustaining an environment that supports flexibility in learning modes and most importantly de-neutralizing the fear of failure. This thought process is at the heart of anything we do relating to children. It has also helped the kids look more vibrant and out – going.

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